Video workshop

Your company or organization would like to learn more about video and how to use it most effectively in communication. Lucky for you (-: You’ve come to the right place. We’ve been making videos for a while now. That’s why we share our knowledge through workshops. Read more on this page.

Podcast room

Podcastrum is probably a bit in the name. We’ve created a space where you can focus on recording sound and image (if you want to video record, your podcast). Soundproofed and the sound is well designed.

Study: Create your own setup

Sometimes you need to think outside the box and be 100% creative with the lineup. Either you’re a videographer or your company has had a crazy idea to make a music video! Create your own setup here.

Study: Plug and play

Video without all the hassle. Bring your camera or rent one from us and you’re ready to shoot! We have two permanent set-ups. 1) for interview/training and 2) for product video/photo.